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released July 7, 2016

Vampyre is
Bass- Zachary Parker Ingram
Drums- Bryan Davis
Words- Brandon Brooker
Recorded by Ian Rundell
Mastered by Evan Kleinecke



all rights reserved


VAMPYRE Austin, Texas


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Track Name: Whispers From The Flue
Listen to the whispers from your chimney
How haunting, that lonely whistle
If be it just the wind
then think of how far and how long it traveled
And how on your ear it chose to descend

From that haunted hallway
The whip of terror lays its most calculated lash upon your heart
And it rains down upon the sorest spot

Oh great voice of antiquity,
what truths have you ushered through the eons
And with great age, what ancient walls have you licked to ruin
What curses of enemies have you carried
along with the heavy breaths of lovers

it calls to you
beckoning you to follow
It can’t be just wind

Shrink down
Contort yourself
Reach further
Breath ash
Lick rust
Taste blood
Digest dust
Push further
Bone breaker
Skin shedder
Leave behind the husk
Track Name: The Grim Defile
Gasping, I awoke
Like one ashore from dangerous seas
Looks back at the deep that he’s escaped
My thoughts returning
Still fleeing to regard
That grim defile thats never left any alive
Who stayed there

After resting my weary body
I started again across the wilderness
My left foot always lower on the hill
So i began again to ruin my self
Back down
Down into the deep

Now I look up from those depths that pierce my hear with terror
And I see wavy those rays of that bright planet
The one that shows the Right Road to everyone, whatever their journey
And I felt the terror ease that churned in my hearts lake
Through all my darkest nights

Midway on my life’s journey
I found myself in a dark wood
The Right Road lost
To tell about those woods is tough
So tangled and rough and savage
That thinking of them now i can feel that old fear stirring
Death can hardly be more bitter

Now in this moment of despair
I look around for a helping hand
But they’ve all fled
So its all done

All fled. All done
So lift me on the pyre;
The feast is over,
The lamps expire.

What kind of death
Will free me from the living
I wonder what kind of death that I’ve already grown inside of me
And what kind of punishment awaits me
For struggling with just living
It can’t be half as bad as the punishment that already lives inside me

Gasping, I awoke again
Spit up from the sea of the living
I look back at the deep that I’ve escaped
My thoughts returning
Still fleeing to regard
That grim defile thats never left any alive
Who stayed there

I won’t stay there
Track Name: Bleeding Back To Life
That’s it! I’ve had it!
Thats it! I’ve had enough!

Now there’s blood in my bath tub
Bleeding out all of my love
Drink it up!

Well goddammit! dont you know it
aint it just a pain in the neck!
The satisfaction of one moment
is the bane of the next

I’ve lost my Silver Key
I've forfeit my entry
into the gate of my dreams
but what of that sleep of death
what dreams may come of it?

Maybe I’ll smoke another cigarette
I’m sure my lungs can handle it
I’ll try and swallow up all my regrets
I'm not sure i can stomach it

Maybe I’ll take another hit
see if a clouded mind can conquer it
this feeling is just too legit
spiral into another anxiety attack

My childhood aint coming back
My mother wont call me back
My dad just had another heart attack
I’m looking forward to pitch black

With my dead eyed stare aware I glare into my reflection
and there’s no one there to show me any affection

Now there’s blood in my bath tub
Drink it up!
O happy dagger, I’ll be my own pallbearer
O happy dagger, I am thy sheath!